Study Abroad Preparation Program

Study Abroad Preparation Program
Students who feel they lack the English prociency to participate in the EAS courses can enroll in Musashi,s Study Abroad Preparation Courses,, subject to approval by Academic Affairs. As the name suggests, these courses aim to prepare Musashi University students to study abroad. These courses give international students an excellent opportunity to engage Japanese students in academic discussions.
Study Abroad Preparation Courses meet once a week for 90 minutes. Courses are worth 1-2 credits depending on subject matter.

Subject List (Sample)

Course Introduction

American Society & Culture

This course is intended to acquaint students with American culture and history and with the cultural values and ways of thinking that are characteristic of Americans. In addition, a major course goal is to equip students with the academic listening skills necessary for success in an English-speaking university.

British Society & Culture

The purpose of this course is to introduce various aspects of modern British society. The emphasis will be on the UK today, but we will also look at the historical background to see how Britain has become what is today. The class will be in English and students should be prepared to interact and discuss in English.

Japanese Society & Culture

This course provides an exploration of numerous questions and dimensions of modern Japanese culture. We will examine a variety of topics, from the Japanese identities, family, schooling and education system, religion, work and employment, arts and entertainment, and the government, politics, and law.

Contemporary World Issues

This class is aimed at students who have a deep interest in how Japan and the International Community are interrelated. It should appeal to those who wish to try and understand global issues from and international perspective.

Academic English: Presentation

Ok, so you can speak English, but can you communicate in English? Is there a difference? What is the difference? This course shall provide a general introduction to understanding the communication process, how to become an effective communicator, and how to develop oral presentations.

Academic English: Discussion

This course will introduce students to debate and discussion. What is discussion? What is debate? How do they differ? How are they similar? How can you effectively debate and discuss? These are but some of the questions that shall be considered during this course.

Academic English: Writing

This course is for those interested in writing an essay in their final year. By the end of this course learners are expected to have a reasonable degree of ability to express themselves in a logical way in English.