Musashi Communication Village (MCV)

About "Musashi Communication Village (MCV)"

MCV offers students an enjoyable learning space for studying English and other foreign languages. Providing a linguistically rich environment, MCV enables students to improve their practical communication skills by actually using the foreign language they are studying. Offering opportunities to experience being an exchange student right here on campus, MCV has become a dynamic gathering place where students hone their language skills while communicating with new people.

Students Can Participate as MCV Staff Members

Students Can Participate as MCV Staff Members
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In addition to offering programs to help students gain practical skills in English and other languages, the objective of MCV is to cultivate global citizens by developing intercultural understanding, planning and implementation skills. We invite students to work as MCV staff to provide them with opportunities to acquire both language and intercultural skills. Many students, both regular and international exchange students, currently work as MCV staff.

All of the Various Programs Available are Free of Charge:

  • English conservation lessons
  • Counseling to advise students on effective English and other foreign languages study methods
  • Activity-oriented programs that provide hands-on English learning opportunities
  • Casual English conservation (open topics, games, etc.)
  • Materials useful for language study and intercultural understanding (DVDs, books, magazines, Internet)
  • Various fun events that give students chances to deepen their understanding of other cultures

Events and Activities

that make learning about other cultures fun
  • Freetalk
  • Cooking
  • Halloween
  • Spring Festival
    Spring Festival